About Us

Allied Consultancy, was founded with a vision to make it easier for Pakistani students to apply to international universities.

Our slogan ‘WORLD WIDE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ’ reflects our vision and mission and how we work with aspiring students to help their dreams come true.

Our counselors and admission officers are expert at visa and informational guidance based on the requirements of the specific country’s embassy.

Education Consultants In Pakistan

To study abroad, the need to seek help from an Education consultant is crucial. Hence, Allied Consultancy!, a fine and renowned education consultant in Pakistan, has made the process quite easier for the students wanting to study abroad.

With the help of Allied Consultancy!, your dream of studying abroad in a world-class university is made possible and the process is made smoother than ever!
Many talented students aim for greater success when it comes to pursuing a particular career path. It sure can be quite challenging because there are just so many options around you and choosing the right one can be confusing.

Hence, the students in Pakistan seek for an agency, or a person who specializes in guiding students about the admission process of foreign Universities, and provide answers to their FAQs.

There are not many great university options available in Pakistan where one’s potential could be put to use to its fullest. This is the reason many students in Pakistan prefer going abroad to pursue their degree because there are many benefits of doing so.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to study in Australia or any other country, then you need to know that Allied Consultancy! is one of the best study abroad consultant in Lahore that will be ready to guide you throughout your journey.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students

When it comes to choosing the best country to study, one cannot help but think of Australia, Canada, UK, US,  are the ultimate place to study knowing that the top universities lie in these countries.

Although this may be true, one always seeks guidance towards getting admitted to these universities. Allied Consultancy!, one of the leading education consultants, is here to solve all of your queries and make your journey smoother and easier by guiding you. Since there are so many universities and colleges out there, we want to make sure that we help you choose the right one for.

Although there are many top universities in these countries, every college is tailored to meet the needs of different types of students and features a different environment. This is why we help you make the right decision and choose a college that is going to be perfect for you.

We believe in a nurturing environment for students that will help them not only excel academically but also grow as an individual and that too at an affordable or at least reasonable fee structure.

This is why at Allied Consultancy!, we also provide career counseling as well as go through all possible options of scholarships for Pakistani students, fee waivers and financial aid available to help a student in making an educated decision.

Our team at Allied Consultancy! is a group of specialized education consultants in Lahore. We aim to open a gateway to greater opportunities for the students in Pakistan and guide them through thick and thin to make their dreams come true!

Study Abroad Programs

Career path is one of the most crucial choices an individual makes in their lifetime and it is a good idea to trust an agency that specializes in this area. We can assure you that every penny spent on a good and reliable education consultant is worth it.

We, being the international education consultant, work as career counselors for our students and advise them about which program along with which university they should opt for.

Also, Allied Consultancy! looks at the educational background of the students, and then guides them towards which career path would be suitable for them. In order to study abroad Pakistan, you need to choose Allied Consultancy!